Electric Appliance / Bussard Appliance is not responsible for any injury or damage that could result to customer or appliance during troubleshooting.
This information is a educated guess not a guarantee ****

  • fo or fi could be a bad eoc electronic oven control
  • f2 oven too hot could be a bad oven sensor
  • f3 replace bad oven sensor
  • f4 oven sensor shorted repalce sensor

General Electric / Hotpoint

  • fo ro fi failed control replace erc
  • f2 oven temp exceeds 590 likely a bad oven sensor
  • f3 bad oven sensor
  • f4 shorted wire sensor replace wire
  • f7 pad button stuck replace clock
  • f8 component failure replace erc
  • f9 program w/door circut check wiring


  • f1 replace touch pad
  • f3 replace sensor probe
  • f4 replace sensor probe
  • f7 replace touch pad
  • f0 replace touch pad
  • beeping f1 code
    1. turn breaker off to range
    2. unplung ribbon
    3. turn breaker on
    4. if f1 flashes replace clock if not replace touch pad

Whirlpool - these fault codes are for 4 digit display

  • fo-eo disconnect for 30 seconds - if display reappears replace control
  • f1-e1 repalce erc electronic range control
  • f2-eo shorted keypad replace keypad
  • f3-eo replace bad oven sensor
  • f3-e1 replace bad sensor
  • f3-e2 oven is too hot replace sensor
  • f3-e3 clean temp is too hot replace sensor
  • f5-eo f5-e1 e2 check door latch switch

Whirlpool - two digit display models

  • fo ,fi,f5 replace erc electronic range control
  • f2 oven temp too high check sensor
  • f3 open sensor replace sensor
  • f4 shorted sensor replace sensor
  • f6 problem in time keeping circut reset time or check for bad ground
  • f7 stuck function switch or button on erc replace bad erc
  • f8 failure of erc replace erc
  • f9 door lock circut check door switch
  • f5,f6,f8 failed erc replace control back in