Electric Appliance / Bussard Appliance is not responsible for any injury or damage that could result to customer or appliance during troubleshooting.
Doesn't Run:
  1. check to see if you have power to d/w
  2. check your door switch
  3. check timer
  4. check motor wd26x10013

Doesn't Drain

  1. check drain hose where it goes into disposer it could be blocked
  2. check piston and nut located inside at back of tub under filter wd24x10018
  3. check electrical drain pump if you have one wd19x10015
  4. check drain solenoid on side of motor shaft should move up and down wd21x802
  5. check at end of main motor for bad impeller wd19x10032

Won't Fill

  1. check to see if you have power to fill valve,if you do and it dosent fill you could have bad fill valve wd15x10003
  2. if no power to valve follow the two wires back and see where they go

Won't Clean

  1. check wash arm for splitting on sides of wash arm wd22x155
  2. check and see if wash arm is plugged anywhere
  3. make sure you have enough water pour a large glass of water just after it fills.if it cleans better could have
    bad fill valve.
  4. check impeller in main motor to see if it is pushing water up into wash arm.