Electric Appliance / Bussard Appliance is not responsible for any injury or damage that could result to customer or appliance during troubleshooting.
Doesn't Run:
  1. check and make sure you have power to d/w
  2. check door switch w10130694 w10130695 w10130696
  3. check timer
  4. check motor

Doesn't Drain

  1. check drain hose at disposer and see if plugged
  2. check drain pump impeller 901109
  3. check electrical drian pump if it has one

Won't Fill

  1. check for power to fill valve 99001359 if you have power valve could be bad
  2. make sure you have power to d/w

Doesn't Clean

  1. check upper and lower wash arms could have plugged holes in them
  2. check upper impeller at motor 901109
  3. check and make sure you havs enough water after it fills turn it off add 1 large glass of water,
    if it washes better you may have a bad fill valve.