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Won't Run
  1. check and make sure you have power at electrical plug
  2. check your cold control this could be located at top of refrigerator section.it should have two wires going to it and a long capillary tube. unplug refrigerator and clip the two wires together. Plug refrigerator back in
    if it runs that is your problem
  3. check your defrost timer this can get stuck in defrost cycle. this could be located at several locations it looks like a switch with a little motor on top. It should have 4 wires going to it.in the center there is a hub you can turn real slow clockwise with the refrigerator plugged in turn hub slowly if you here a click and the refrigerator starts running that is your problem change defrost timer 482493
  4. some have a defrost board there is not a good way I can tell you how to check this call a tech

Clicking on and off and not cooling

  1. this is usually one of two problems. you either have a bad relay or compressor. you can take a chance
    and buy the relay,if this takes care of it great if not it probably is not worth fixing major expense. relay example 8201786


  1. if you have a high pitch squeaking sound most likely you have a bad fan motor that is in your freezer section
  2. if it is a growling sound you may have a bad condenser motor that is by your compressor

Running but not cooling

  1. first thing you want to check is your fan motor running in your freezer section if it is check your condenser
    motor if you have one down by your compressor if both motors are running i want you to go in the freezer and take all food and shelves out in the back of the freezer you need to take off the back panel there should be screws on the sides of panel remove panel you should see your evaporator this looks like coils that go back and forth you should have about 1/4 inch of frost on the coils if they are packed in frost or ice you have a defrost problem one of three problems defrost timer 482493 or board or heaters wr51x442 or defrost t/stat if you have little or no frost you have something wrong with your system could be low on freon call a tech

Ice maker not working

  1. first you have to make sure freezer is cold enough your freezer has to be 18 degrees or colder or your icemaker will not work
  2. take a glass of water and pour it into icemaker where your fill tube goes into shut freezer door and don't open it you should here your ice dump into the bucket in under an hour if it dumps than you either have a bad water valve or your supply tube is frozen and not letting water get through
  3. if your ice maker dosent dump ice and it is could enough in freezer you may have a bad icemaker

No ice or water at dispenser

  1. check your switches in dispenser they could be bad
  2. check water valve