Electric Appliance / Bussard Appliance is not responsible for any injury or damage that could result to customer or appliance during troubleshooting.
  1. Check idler pulley if you have a high pitch squeaking sound.Part number is 691366.
  2. Check drum rollers at rear of drum if you get a grinding sound.Part number is 349241.
  3. The noise could be coming from the motor. Take the belt off and run dryer if it is noisy could be a bad motor. Part number is 279827 or a bad blower wheel part number is 694089.

Won't Run

  1. Check and make sure you have power to dryer.
  2. Check the door switch part number is 279347 or 3406107
  3. Check the thermal fuses part numbers are 3392519,279769,279816,3390719
  4.  Check motor part number is 279827 or bring in these parts and we will check for free.

Won't Tumble

  1. Check and see if your belt is broken part number is 341241.
  2. Check and make sure you have power to dryer.
  3. Check door switch part number is 279347.
  4. Check thermal fuses part numbers 3392519,3390719,279769.

No Heat

  • Gas Dryer
    1. Check  ignitor part number is 279311.
    2. Check flame sensor part number is338906.
    3. Check coils part number is 12001349.
    4. Check thermostat part number is 3387134.
  • Electric Dryer
    1.  Check and make sure you have 230v to dryer motor only runs on 115v.
    2.   Check back of cord where it goes into terminal block.
    3.   Check heating element part number is 279838.4391960.
    4.   Check thermostat part number is 3387134.   

Heats Poorly

  • Gas Dryer
    1. Check your flexible venting for blockage behind dryer and outside vent.
    2. Check blower wheel part number is 694089.
    3. Check and make sure your gas flame lights every time. You may have to watch your flame for 15 minutes or longer if ,ignitor comes on and then goes off and you do not get a gas flame. You may have bad gas coils part number is  279834. 
    4. Check your thermostat part number is  3387134.
  • Electric Dryer
    1. Check and make sure your ventilation is not plugged. Check vent behind dryer and vent outside.
    2. Check blower wheel part number is 694089.
    3. Check thermostat part number is  3387134.