Electric Appliance / Bussard Appliance is not responsible for any injury or damage that could result to customer or appliance during troubleshooting.
Won't Fill
  1. check water valve 285805
  2. check water level switch 3366845

Won't Drain

  1. check drain pump 3363394 3363892
  2. check drain hose

Won't Spin

  1. check lid switch 3949247,3949248,285671
  2. check clutch 285785
  3. check motor coupling 285753

Won't Agitate

  1. make sure you have water in tub or it will not agitate
  2. check water level switch 3366845
  3. check agitator dogs inside of agitator 80040

Won't Agitate or Spin

  1. if your motor is running and it will fill and drain ok then you could have a bad motor coupling 285753